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Welcome To Photoshop Tutorials Area - Space Warp

Space Warp

Hi all, this tutorial is ment for people who have been into photoshop for a few months and want to get some cool backgrounds, so for those of you who are experts I dont recommend picking this tutorial apart, because I made it for beginners.

Ok! Lets start off with opening a document, it can be any size, but I used 500X500.

Step 1: Make sure your foreground and background colors and black and white, doesnt matter in what order though. Then go to Filter>Render>Clouds and you should get someting like this, but it wont be exactly like it:

image 1

Step 2: Go to Filter>Pixelate>Mezzotint and use the setting medium strokes and you should get something like this, but remember it wont be exactly the same:

image 2

Step 3: Go to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur and use the settings:

Ammount: 100

Blur method: Zoom

Quality: Best

And you should get something like this, but it still wont be exactly the same:

image 3

Step 4: Now to color this thing, for a cool blue warp effect, press Ctrl+U and use the settings:

Hue: 191

Saturation: 25

Lightness: 0

You can mess around with those settings but for the ones I put up there you should get something like this, but remember it will not look exactly the same:

image 4

Step 5 Go to Filter>Noise>Reduce noise and use the settings:

Strenth: 100%

Preserve details: 0%

Reduce color noise: 100%

Sharpen details: 0%

Remove JPEG artifact: Not checked.

And you should get something like this, but not exactly the same:

Space Warp Tutorial: Final Result

And there you have it! A slick space warp effect.

Author: Brian

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